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Fertilizer conveyor machine series

The fertilizer conveyor can be divided into belt conveyor,bucket elevator,large angle belt conveyor,screw conveyor,mobile belt conveyor.The belt conveyor is neccessary fertilizer machine in the fertilizer production line.This article will hare more about the fertilizer conveyor.The conveyor  mainly play a role of the transporting the raw material.But different types fertilizer conveyor machines are used in different fertilizer production line.
1. Belt conveyor:
Belt conveyor is widely used in metallurgy,minee,coal,port,transportation,water and electricity,chemical and ither departments to carry on,loading,reloading,or acccumulating all kinds of normal temperature,loose density of various kinds of bulk,due to the large amount of transporrtation,simple structure,convenient maintenance,low cost and strong generality.It can be transported by a single or multiple unit to transport the material,which can be arranged in a horizontal or sloping form according to the technical requirements.
2.Bucket elevator:
The series bucket elevator has the characteristics of small footprint,high lifting height,large capacity,low power consumption and good tighness.It is suitable for vertical conveying equipment for granular and powdery materials such as grain,food,feed and mining industry.The driving power is small,and it uses the inflow feeding,including type discharge and the large capacity hopper.There is a;most no return material and the dug phenomenon in the material lifting,so the invalid power is less.What's more,tha machine is a wide range of lifting,this type of elevator to the types of materials,characteristics of less,not only to improve the general powder,small granular material,but also to improve the grinding and polish material.
3.Mobile belt conveyor:
The working principle of mobile belt conveyor is the same as the ordinary belt conveyor,it is a continuous transportation equipment that use the belt as traction loader.Compared with the ordinary belt conveyor,it increases the mobile device,because the mobile devicemakes the mobile belt conveyor with the superior maneuverability,and can be driven or traced to the suitable place for loading and unloading of goods according to the field conditions.
4.Large angle belt conveyor:
This series of products is mainly suitable for high inclined continuous conveying of bulk materials.With the conveyor belt with corrugated side plate and diaphragm plate.The series of products are wwidely used in coal,food,building materials,chemical industry,agriculture,port metaurgy and other industries.Large angle gravel conveyor can transport bulk mateial,such as stone,sand,coal,concrete,cement,grave,parts and other conveyor belt conveyor.It is used in mining,metallurgy,coal mine,chemical industry,constraction food,machinery,building materials,light industtryand so on.
5.Screw conveyor:
The screw conveyor is a product designed by our company,which combines the experience of all kinds of scew conveyor at home and abroad.The product can meet the transportation of various materials and be matched with all kinds of mixing machines.The product is not only suitable for transporting raw materials in chemical fertilizer industry,but also suitable for conveying cement,fly ash,metallurgy,chemical,mechanical,light industry,building materials,food,grain storage and other industries in the construction machinery industry.