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Fertilizer crusher machine series

In a fertilizer production line,every machine play a different role.Well,every fertilizer machine also have different type,advantage and the yield.Today,we are as the professionl manufacturer of the fertilizer machine,we will introduce the fertilizer crusher machine for you.Fertilizer crusher,the usage is, the same as its name,mainly used to crush the raw material,and make the raw material can be mixed iin the mixer machine.Our company design a kinds of fertilizer crusher machine to be applied to different fertilizer producing.
1.Chain crusher:The chain crusher is suitable for the crushing of the block in the production of compound fertilizer.It is widely used in the chemical,building materials,mining and other industries.The machine uses high strength and high-sthength hard alloy chain plates with synchronous speed in the process of pulverization.According to the installation form,the chain crusher is divided into two types:vertical crusher and horizontal chain crusher.The vertical chain crusher is a single rotor,and the horizontal chain crusher is a double rotor with a steel chain.
2.Half-wet material crusher:Half-wet material crusher is a professional equipment for pulverizing high humidity and multi-fiber materials.The half-wet material crusher use a high-speed roating blade to pilverize the fiber with good particle size,high efficiency and high engery.The half-wet material crusher is mostly used in the production and processing of organic fertilizer and the smashing of chicken manure,humic acid and other raw materials have a good effect.
3.Cage crusher:The fertilizer machines are mainly used in bio-organic fermentation composting,urban domestic garbage composting,grass mud carbon,rural straw garbage,industrial organic garbage,chicken manure,cow dung,sheep manure,pig manure,and other biological fermentation high humidity material crushing processing special equipment.
4.Straw crusher:The straw crusher is mainly used for chopping processing of plant straws such as crop straws and branches with a diameter of 5 cm or less,it can be lso used for chopping of various crop straws and pastures.The whole set of equipment is mainly used for chopping processing of biomass such as cotton stalks,bark,branches,corn stalks,wheat straw etc.The processed products can be used for power generation,paper making,wood-based panels and refined alcohol.