NPK Blending Fertilizer Production Line

NPK Blending Fertilizer Production Line
Model: ZL10/ZL15/ZL18      
Motor Power:


The fertilizer granulator is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the compound fertilizer plant and fertilizer distributor. NPK blending fertilizer automatic production line integrates the production process of batching,compounding and packaging.The equipment is perfect combination of unique structural design and high-performance control system.It realizes the single-package compounding and packaging in one and solves the ordinary equipment due to the material segreation phenomenon caused by the difference in specific gravity and particle size of the material improves the precision of the batching.It is suitable for the production of high-concentration blended fertilizer which is prepared by blending elemental nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium granular fertilizer with other medium and trace elements and pesticides.
This production line is mainly composed of the batching machine, belt conveyor, NPK blending fertilizer mixer, packing machine and so on.
Batching machine
NPK blending fertilizer mixer
Packing machine
1.It uses the single bag mixing method, that’s easy to control the material of each bag, and the mixing uniformity is high.
2.The spiral section of the mixing section is reasonable and unique, and the mixing is uniform, the speed of material entry and exit is fast.
3.Computer automatic batching , mixing and packing have melted into the production line. The method of twisting cage feeding is adopted, and it with small floor space, less labor and less investment.
4.The whole equipment is made of stainless steel, it has the corrosion resistance and long service life.
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