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The working principle of horizontal mixer machine

The fertilizer mixer machine is also a kind of necessary machine to be used in different type fertilizer manufacturing process.And in different type fertilizer manufacturing process,it is to be equipped with different model.There we share more about the horizontal mixer machine.
The main functional of the fertilizer mixer machine is to mix the raw materials with other series raw materials.It is to be designed for different type and series,like the vertical disc mixer machine,horizontal mixer machine and double axis mixer machine.How to work of every model fertilizer mixer machine?Taking the horizontal mixer machine as an example .
The horizontal mixer is composed of U-shaped container,crew belt mixing blade and transmission parts:the U-shapeed long,cylinder structure enures the small resistance movement of the mixed materials(powder and semi fluid)in the cylinder.The positive and nnegative rotation screw bars are installed on the same horizontal axis to form a low power and efficient mixing environment.The screw belt blades are generally made into two or three larers.The outer spiral collects the materials from both sides to the center,and the inner sporal transport the materials from the center to both sides,which can make the materials form more vortices in the flow,inner spiral transports the materials from the center to both sides,which can make the materials form more votices in the flo,accelerate the mixing speed and improve the mixing uniformity.The belt wheel belt is used compared with the large torque of the gear reducer,the elastic connection of the belt transmission has advantage of protecting the transmission parts in case of overload.
horizontal mixer machineorganic fertilizer machine
When the horizontal mixer is working and mixing,the materials in the mixer are subject to the action to the action of two rotors in opposite directions,and are in compound motion.On the one hand,the animal materials in the paddle belt rotate anticlockwise along the inner wall of the machine slot,on the other hand,the animal materials turn left and right,and in the weight-loss area of the shape of the two rotors overlapping.In this area,regardless of the shape,size and density of the materials,the materials can float up in an instant.In this way,the materials can be continuously rotated in all directions and sheared alternately,so as to achieve the effect of rapid,gentle and even mixing.It can be seen as the organic fertilizer machine to be used in organic fertilizer production line.
The horizontal mixer machine is suitable for corn stalk,straw,peaunt skin,bean stalk,firwood,rice straw and other burning crop waste stalks.It can avoid the white burning of straw,protect the environment and develop the renewable engery effectively.The machine is relable,easy to operate and convenient.The machine has a wide range of raw materials,and it can be used for corn stalk,straw,peanut skin,bean stalk,firewood and other burning crop waste stalks.

In the fertilizer manufacturing process,the horizontal mixer machine has the characteristics of reasonable design,reliable manufacturing quality,simple structure,convenient operation small volume,less land occupation,labor and power saving.
As the professional fertilizer machine manufacturers,we are not only design the fertilizer mixer machine,we also designed the fertilizer granulator machine,and it also to be designed for different type and series.Like the roller press granulator machine to be used in npk,compound fertilizer production line to produce the compound fertilizer granulator.What's more,the flat die granulator machine,and so on.