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The important role of organic fertilizer in fruit trees

Organic fertilizer to be produced by using the organic fertilizer machine,which it is equipped in organic fertilizer production line to finish the organic fertilizer production process.The function of organic fertilizer  on fruit trees is irreplaceable.
First,it contains rich and comprehensive nutrients,which is not possessed by any kind of chemical fertilizer.Second,it can improve the soil;Third,it is benefical to promote the activities of soil microorganisms,accelerate the small cycle of soil organisms,and promote the growth and development of fruit trees.Fourth,organic fertilizer can produce a lot of organic acids in the decomposition process,which can change some insoluble nutrients into soluble nutrients,so as to improve the utilization rate of soil nutrients.
Therefore,we must pay attention to the use of organic fertilizer in orchard.Generally,the application amount of organic fertilizer should be equal to or double the fruit yield.
Organic fertilizer is a complete fertilizer,but the nutrient mainly exists in organic state,which can be absorbed and utilized by apple trees only after being decomposed.However,at present,most of the organic fertilizer applied is transported while accumulating,and transported with application,such as human and animal manure,compost etc,which are directly applied without decomposition.Direct application of unripe organic fertilizer,not only failed to provide nutrients for the absorption and utilization of fruit trees in time,affected their normal growth and development,but also hurt the root system of apple trees due to the harmful substance produced in the process of decomposition,and it is difficult to make the fertilizer effect of decomposition consistent with the fertilizer demand time of apple trees,often resulting in the loss or waste of fertilizer effect.
organic fertilizer production line
Due to the lack of organic fertilizer,orchard fertilization mainly depends on chemical fertilizer.The vast majority of orchard organic fertilizer input is insufficient,a very small number if irchard organic fertilizer input accounts for about 30% of the total annual fertilizer input,good orchard only accounts for about 50%,the vast majority of orchards are mainly nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer.Chemical fertilizer to be produced in the fertilizer manufacturing process,has the characteristics of high nutrient content and quick fertilizer effect,but the nutrient is single and does not contain organic fertilizer.The fertilizer effect period is short and it is used alone for a long time,which is easy to harden the soil and make the soil worse.In fertilization,the application of nitrogen fertilizer,such as urea,ammonia bicarbonate,etc.,is emphasized.Too much nitrogen fertilizer also affects the absorption of calcium and potassium by apple trees,making the tree body dystrophic the buds not full,the leaves large and thin,the branches can not be stopped in time,the flower buds are difficult to form,the fruit is stained with color difference,the flavor is light and has peculiar smell,the pox spot disease and water heart disease are common,and the storage property is reduced,showing obvious calcium deficiency shape.
The growth and development of fruit trees need to absorb a variety of nutrients.In addition to a large number of elements,trace elements are also very important.If lacking,it is easy to suffer from deficiency.At the same time,there are also multual or antagonistic effects among various elements.For example,after applying nitrogen fertilizer to apple trees,when the nitrogen content in the trees increase,the absorption of magnesium is also more;otherwise,when the nitrogen conten is low,the absorption of magnesium is reduced.The contents of nitrogen,potassium,boron,copper,zinc,phosphorus and other elements decreased correspondingly.
On the contrary,if a small amount of nitrogen is applied to fruit trees,the content of potassium in leaves will increase,and the content of nitrogen in soil will decrease,so the absorption of potassium will increase,and even lead to the excess of potassium.If excessive application of niotrogen fertilizer does not increase the potassium and magnesium fertilizer correspondingly,the absorption of potassium and magnesium will be inhibited,resulting in the deficiency of potassium and magnesium.On the contrary,the content of Ca and Mg in the tree can be increased by low amount of K fertilizer.In the case of calcium deficiency,it is not conducive to the absorption of ammonia ions;in the case of excress,the soil is slightly alkaline,which makes iron,manganese,zinc and boron insoluble,leading to the occurrence of deficiency.However,in the actual production,some fruit farmers do not pay attention to  or understand the balance function of fertilizer.In the process of fertilization,nitrogen and phosphorus are the main elements,while other elements are less used,which leads to the occurence of deficiency,low yield and quality of apple.In order to change this situation,we must understand the types of fertilizer and apply fertilizer reasonably,so as to avoid the occurence of deficiency of fruit trees.The rotary drum granulator machine can be used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.
The growth rhythm of fruit trees is closely related to the period of need for fertilizer.However,some fruit farmers' fertilization is not based on the needs of fruit trees,but on the factors of capital,labor, determine the fertilization period,so it can not achieve the expected purpose of fertilization,and sometimes it will backfire and cause damage.In recent,many orchards have shifted fertilization from autumn to spring,breaking the "biological clock"of fruit trees.Because the nutrient can not be transformed and decomposed in time and absorbed by the root system,the supply tree can be utilized in the peak period of fertilizer demand in spring,and the fertilizer effect can not be fully exerted until the end of summer and the early autumn,so that the growth of spring can not be stopped in time,even if the middle and short branches stop for a long time and then sprout again,which directly affects the fruit development,reduces the quality and hardness,and loses the signigicance of fertilization.
The process of fertilizer production:

Most of the application time of base fertilizer in orchard was after harvest, which missed the best time of applying base fertilizer in autumn. At this time, the ground temperature decreased, the root activity stopped, the fertilizer utilization rate decreased greatly, and the production cost increased relatively. It is unscientific that fertilization after defoliation and basal fertilization in spring play a slow role in the growth of fruit trees in spring, which is not conducive to flower bud differentiation.
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