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The overview of the water-souble fertilizer

 All type of fertilizer granulator are produced by the fertilizer manfuacturing process.And every different type fertilizer has different characteristics.They plat different role in different plants.Today we share a new type fertilizer that called water-souble fertilizer.
The introduction of the water souble fertilizer:The water-souble fertilizer refers to the compound fertilizer containing nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium,calium,magnesium,trace elements,amino acids,humic and alginic acid which can be completely dissolved in water.There are two forms of soild water-soluble fertilizer and liquid water-soluble fertilizer.From nutrient content,there are a lot of elements water-soluble fertilizer,medium element water-soluble fertilizer,trace element water-soluble fertilizer,amino acid water-soluble fertilizer,humic acid water-soluble fertilizer and organic water-soluble fertilizer etc.
 organic fertilizer powder production line
When producing the water-soluble fertilizer using the fertilizer production line is different from the fertilizer granulator.Because producing the water-soluble fertilizer can make them into powder,and the fertilizer granulator machine does not need to be used.The fertilizer production line when producing the water-soluble fertilizer,we just need to use the fertilizer crusher machine and other fertilizer machines to make the water-soluble fertilizer.The designing of the water-souble fertilizer is not so complex as the organic fertilizer manufacturing process.They can be produced by using the fertilizer machines and the fertilizer producing technology.
The water-soluble fertilizer is a new kind of fertilizer and the marketing is also widely.Because it has more advantages compared with the fertilizer granulator.Well,it is the best method of using the fertilizer granulator combined with the water-soluble fertilizer.So What advantages of the water soluble fertilizer it has?And how to make and use the water -soluble fertilizer?Next article share with you.
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