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Why we produce the water soluble fertilizer?

 We have known what it is the water-soluble fertilizer,and why we to produce the water-soluble fertilizer?what advantages of the water-soluble fertilzier has?These article will share some useful information with you from the fertilizer manufacturing process view.
The water-soluble fertilizer is also designed a complete fertilizer production line to make the fertilizer,compared with the fertilizer granulator making,it is simple and we are easy to make the complete fertilizer production line.Compared with traditional superphosphate and pelletized compound fertilizer,water-soluble fertilizer has obcious advantages.
Firstly,it is a quick-acting fertilizer with good water solubility and no residue.It can be completely dissolved in water and can be directly absorbed and utilized by roots and leaves of crops.
Secondly,the nitrogen of water and fertilizer was realized by applying water and fertilizer together and taking fertilizer with water.Its effective absorption rate was more than twice that of common chemical fertilizer,reducing 80%-90%.
Moreover,the fertilizer effeciency was first,which could meet the nutrientional needs of high-yielding crops during their rapid growth period.The water requirement of the combined drip irrigation system is only 30% of that of the ordinary chemical fertilizer,and the application of fertilizer can almost be done without manurral labor,which greatly saves the cost of human resources.
organic fertilizer manufacturing process

From the fertilizer making process to be said,the water-soluble fertilizer production line is simple and the fertilzier granulator machine it does not need to be used in the line compared with npk fertilizer production.
Although the water-soluble fertilizer is a new developed fertilizer,more and more researchers and users have found the effect of the water-soluble fertilzier.In furture,more function will be found of the water-souble fertilizer,and more new fertilizer production line will de designed by the fertilizer machine manfacturers.