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The raw material in npk fertilizer production

 The npk fertilizer granulator is a kind of compound fertilizer,and the compound fertilizer granulator is designed for a complete fertilizer production line to make the fertilizer granulator.Using the fertilizer manufacturing process to make the npk,compound fertilizer granulator is at the same time that improving the working efficient and improving the producing yield.But what raw material of the npk fertilizer granulator producing need to be used in the npk fertilizer production?And how we to make the npk fertilizer granulator using the raw material?
fertilizer granulator machine
When producing the nitrogen fertilizer granulator,the most raw material that used too be frequently is the ammonium sulphate.When producing the fertilizer granulator,we need to use the fertilizer granulator machine to make the ammonium sulphate granulator.This raw material is just suitable for producing the nitrogen fertilizer. Sometimes,we also can use the urea as the raw material to make the nitrogen fertilizer.
In the npk fertilizer production line,we need to mix other raw material to make the npk compound fertilizer granulator.When producing the phosphate fertilizer,we can use the SSP as the raw material to make the phosphate fertilizer granulator.When making the npk fertilizer granulator,we need to using the horizontal mixer machine to mix them uniformally and then making granulator using the disc granulator or rotary drum granulator.The two type fertilizer granulator are designed by the fertilizer machine manufacturers not only can be used to produce the npk fertilizer granulator,it also can be used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.
compound fertilizer production line
The raw material of making the npk fertilizer granulator we also can use the gypsum clay and limestone and other common raw materials.No what ever types of raw materials to be used to make the npk fertilizer granulator,the suitable fertilizer granulator machine also designed by our engineers to make the fertilizer granulator.More fertilizer machines problem or fertilizer production lines problems you have,you can leave a message for us,and we would like to supply some professional suggestions.Maybe it is the first to invest the project about the fertilizer producing,it's no problem that we can supply some suggestion about your producing.