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How to use the organic fertilizer?

 With the recognition of the use of organic fertilizer in farmland,the organic fertilizer in the market is getting more and more fire and many people have begun to invest in organic fertilizer equipment for organic fertilizer production.Although organic fertilizer manufacturers have continued to join,there is still a shortage of supply in the market,which shows that organic fertilizers are becoming more and more popular in agricultural production of fertilizer.After the introduction of advisterments and the application of organic fertilizers,most people know the primary origin of organic fertilizer production during the processing of organic fetilizer produced by organic fertilizer granulator has the effect of improving soil.However,the various advantages of organic fertilizer application and the vigorous launch of the country make the people in the market blindly believe that organic fertilizer must be safe,pollution-free and optimize soil improvement.In fact,the unreasonable use o organic fertilizer will also cause side effects such as greenhouse gas emissions.Therefore,the fertilizer source produced by organic fertilizer equipment should be used reasonably.
First of all,the organic fertilizer produced by the main material processing should be used after the complete fermentation and decomposing.It can only ensure the appliccation organic fertilizer.The fermented and decomposed materials usually lose the original organic material.Patience and black,slightly ammoniatic and no stench.However,if the fermented and decomposed materials are directly applied,the material will exert a slow response in the soil.In the reaction,oxygen is absorbed to emove a lot of heat and ammonia,damage the root environment of the crop and even damage the root system,so the organic fertilizer granulator is used for production .TYhe organic fertilizer and other materials are completely fermented and decomposed.Secondly,when applying organic fertilizer produced by organic fertilizer equipment,the corresponding organic fertilizer should be applied according to the actural nutrient loss and structure of the soil.
A complete organic fertilizer production line to produce the organic fertilizer can improving the productivity and reduce the labor cost of the investors.