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Do you know the method of using the organic fertilizer?

Nowdays,more and more people to produce the organic fertilizer.And now producing the organic  fertilizer can be more easy and convenient.For example,you can use the fertilizer machine to produce the organic fertilizer.The disc granulator,rotary drum granulator and new type organic fertilizer granulator all can be used to produce the rrganic fertilizer.What's more you also can choose the complete organic fertilizer production line to produce the organic fertilizer.A complete fertilizer production line can include many produces,and using the fertilizer machine you can save many time and invest cost.Today.we will tell you more about the orgnic fertilizer,we should use the organic fertilizer in a right method.  
Fertilization of multi-phosphprus fertilizers with less application of nitrogen fertilizers and phosphate fertilizers can be more effectively utilized at higher temperatures,resulting in good fertilizer effeciency;on the other hand,it can improve the utilization of water in the soil and reliever  drought and mutual promotion.
In addition,sufficient phosphate fertilizer can increase the utilization of nitrogen and play a role in phosphorus and introgen.Reducing  the application rate of nitrogen fertilizer,especially carbon ammionia which is susceptible to thermal decompostion,it is because carbon ammonia and high concentration of nitrogen fertilizer which are easily decomposed by heat are liable to cause crop burning.