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Chicken manure fermented to make organic fertilizer

Chicken manure fermentation is an excellent method for treating chicken manure. It can prevent chicken manure from polluting the environment and produce organic fertilizer rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.Producig the fertilizer need many fertilizer machine,they have many steps.May be you can use a complete fertilizer production line.It can not only increase the producing effecient,it also can reduce the investment.Chicken manure fermenting organic must choose a professional method,otherwise it is difficult to make high-quality fertilizer,and even make unqualified organic fertilizer,in which  a large number of germs are not killed and will also burn.
The step of making the chicken manure:
1.Make a starter.When choosing a starter,it should be sure to choose a good quality product.After the starter is purchased the mixing is carried out  according to the instructions for use,and the amount of the starter used by different manufacturers is different.
2.Adjust the proportion of fertilizer.
3.Adjust the moisture content of chicken manure.It is geeneerally required that the moisture content of chicken manure used for organic fertilizer fermentation is between 60% and65%.
4.Chicken manure composting. The chicken manure is piled up to one meter and a half height, two meters wide and two to four meters long using a composting machine.
5.You need to enhance to by the air and increase the effect of the chicken manure.
Generally speaking,the chicken manure temterature may be get to the 50-60 after 48 hour,but if you use the fermentation may  be it don't need to spend too much time.After the chicken manure is fermented,the fertilizer effeciency is better,the use is safe and convenient,and the utilization effecicy of the fertilizer can be improved.Not only chicken manure can ferment organic fertilizer,but also various animal manure,straw,deciduous garbage,bark,sawdust,etc.The basic methods of fermenting  organic fertilizer fermentation are basically the same.Finally,we must remined everyone that no matter what materials are used to fertilize organic fertilizer,the most important thing is to grasp the moisture content,otherwise it will lose weight.