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The usage of the fertilizer granulator

Now the technology is advanced and the fertilizer machines are also designed to produce all types of fertilizer granulator.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,the fertilizer granulator machine is a factor equipment to make fertilizer granulator.Such as the disc granulator,flat die granulator and so on.Different type fertilizer  are equipped with different fertilizer granulator amchine to produce.Why we use the fertilizer on the plants and why we produce the fertilizer granulator?
Firstly we produce the fertilizer into granulator is because the granulator can be easy to conseveried and transported.Then the using of te fertilizer granulator is not only can help the plant grow up and the material in the fertilizer also can kill some harmful material for the plant.
The use of fertilizer to control insects not only saves pesticides,but also acts as a fertilizing agent,it does not harm natural enemies and reduces environmental pollution.
Phosphate fertilizer:It is mainly used to drive cotton bollworms to concentrate on spawning.Heliccoverpa armigera is sensitive to phosphorus during spawning and escapes when exposed to phosphorus.
Nitrogen fertilizer:It is mainly used to eliminate some small and weak endurance pests such as red sprider,aphid and thrips.The two nitrogen fertilizers,urea and ammonium bicarbonate are voliate and stimulate,corrode and fumigate the pests.
Silicon calcium fertilizer:mainly used to control amyworms and corn borers
Medicinal fertilizer:mainly used to control red spiders,mites and pea pods.
Well,there are also have other fertilizer will can help to kill some harmful insect to protect the plant growth.We will share more in featurer.And we are professional fertilizer machine manufacturers and our products have been exported many countries.We not only design the new fertilizer machine and we also can design the new fertilizer production line for you according to your specific sitiuation.Well,if you are any problems about the fertilizer machine or the fertilizer production,you can leave a message for us and we will supply the professional suggestions for you.