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The misunderstanding of the compound fertilizer

The producing of the compound fertilizer granulator using the fertilizer granulator machine which disc or rotary drum granulator machine to make the npk,compound fertilizer granulator.Well,whatever in the using process or the producing process,we all should distintrict the different statues.When in the fertilizer manufcturing process,we should choose the suitable fertilizer granulator,taking the npk fertilizer production as an example,the fertilizer granulator we can choose the rotary drum granulator machine.And the using of the fertilizer machine is based on your raw material and the size of producing the fertilizer granulator. When we use the compound fertilizer,we need to notice these problems:
Firstly,it is neccesary for the different materials to use the compound fertilizer.Different crops have different forms and proportions in compound fertilizers.However,it is more common to use blindly in the production regardless of the type of crop.For example,low-phosphorus compound fertilizer can not meet the large potassium demand  of corn,late rice,sweet potato,flue-cured tobacco crops.In particular,the compound fertilizer containing more chlorine is used in tobacco crops such as flue-cured tobacco,tea,watermelon,etc,causing the burning property of flue-cured tobacco to deteriorate,the watermelon to become salty and not sweet and then the death of new leaves of tea,which seeriously reduces the quality of agricultural products.Therefore,it is necessary to select appropriate compound fertilizer varieties according to the characteristics of fertilizers required for different crops.
then,we also according to the soil type to use the compound fertilizer.Because the raw material are different in the compound fertilizer,some materials in the fertilizer granulator will be harmful to the soil and the plant.
AWhat's more,the application period and location will also produce effect on the plants.For example,the use of compound fertilizer in the late stage of crop growth and development causes gluttony and late maturity,fertilizer exposure to seeds causes fertilizer damage,etc;compound fertilizer decomposition is slow,not easy to lose and volatilize,fertilizer effect lasts longer,it should be mainly used as base fertilizer.It is not advisable to use compound fertilizer is used in the later stage of crop growth.If fertilization is needed,the quick-acting fertilizer can be replenished in time.When the compound fertilizer is used in a small amount,it can be used as a base fertilizer in the whole layer and can be applied as a noodle fertilizer in the rice filed.