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The advantages of the biogas fertilizer on the fruit trees

The biogas fertilizer is a kind of bio organic fertilizer granulator,which is a kind of orgnaic ferilizer granulator produced by the bio fertilizer production technology.And the application of the biogas fertilizer in the fruit trees will produce many advantages.
Firstly,long term application of biogas residue and biogas slurry can effectively increase the organic matter content of the orcars,improve the formation of soil aggregate structure,enrich the nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium nutrients in the soil and activate trace elements such as copper,iron and manganese in the soil.Therefore,it is both a high-quality quick-acting organic fertilizer and a good soil conditioner. 
Second,the application of biogas fertilizer to fruit trees can improve the quality of fruit and improve the quality of fruit.For example,the application of biogas fertilizer can significantly improve fruit quality,reduce acidity,increase sugar content,and improve antifreeze and cold resistance in Shaitian pomelo and citrus fruit trees.
Third,the biogas fertilizer is a by-product of fermentation in the marsh pond.Most of its pathogens and eggs have been killed.It is an ideal pollution-free fertilizer for fruit tree production,which can effectively improve the disease resistance and insect resistance of fruit trees and reduce pests and diseases.
Although the advantages of the application of the biogas fertilizer,we also need to notice the application should be suitable.The biogas fertilizer production using the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,and in order to make the fertilizer transport convenient that making the organic fertilizer into granulator using the fertilizer granulator machine.The fertilizer granulator machine that used to make the organic fertilizer granulator can use the rotary drum granulator.When producing the organic fertilizer granulator,there is a point need to be noticed that the moisture of the fertilizer grnulator need to be controled.