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What are the types of organic fertilizer equipment?

 What are the types of organic fertilizer equipment?Today,this article will give you a detailed introduction:
Organic ferrtilizer equipment is a kind of chicken manure and pig manure as the main raw material ,adding a certain amount of nitrogen fertilizer,phosphate fertilizer,potassium fertilizer,magnesium sulfate and other substances,rice braan,yeast,soybea meal and sugar fermentation for a certain period of time as a biological bacteria.Under the action of sulfuric acid,mixed fermentation produces equipment manure three configurations:
High configuration:chicken manure dehydrator,fermentation ,half-wet material crusher,horizental mixer,granulator machine,dryer,cooler,drum screener machine,coating machine,packaging equipment,belt conveyor etc.
Medium configuration:half-wet material crusher,horizental mixer,fertilizer granulator machine,drum dryer,drum cooler,belt conveyor and packaging equipment etc.
Low configuration:half--wet materials rusher,horizental mixer,fertilizer granulator machine,rotary drum screener and package equipment etc.