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Organic fertilizer granulator granulation

 Organic fertilizer granulator equipment uses pressure to agglomerate solid materials together and then is driven by two counter-rotating rollers that are driven by an eccentric sleeve or hydraulic system.When the soild material is squezzed,the air betwween the particles is first remove to rearrange the particles to the equipment of the granulator is mainly analyze the extrusion granulation method for you.The extruded organic fertilizer granulator shall place the granulated powder material in the extrusion granulation equipment and then use the extemal force to compact the powder material tightly,due to the different external force modes used.The molecules are recombined to give the material a cylindrical shape .
The large thickness of the extruded organic fertilizer granulator equipment is 5--20mm,and the surfance density is 1.5-3 times of the feed.The large pieces are then subjected to tableting,crushing adsieving to obtain the desired granule products.Particles formed by pressure,at which point a hot spot is formed at the contact point to the melt the material,and after the temperature drops,the cooling forms a foxed bridge.