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The role of soil fertilizer in agricultural sustainable development

The fertilizer play an important role in agricultural sustainable development.How we to use the fertilizer manufacturing technology  to produce the organic or inorganic fertilizer in the agricultural?In the fertilizer manufacturing process,what methods of what can we use?Soil fertilizer plays an important role in the sustainable development of agriculture.At the same time,scientific use of soil fertilizer can achieve the sustainable development of agriculture.Therefore,in the actural work,it is necessary to carry out scientific research on soil fertilizer,and proceed from the reality,scientific use of fertilizer,improve the fertility of soil,improve the yield of crops,andd realize the sustainable development of agriculture.Increase the application of organic fertilizer and improve the soil quality.In the process of partical application of fertilizer,it is necessaary to make rational use of organic fertilizer and establish a fertilizer structure combining organic fertilizer  and inorganic fetilizer.And the organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer all can be produced by using the fertilizer manufacturing technology.In the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,it can be use the fermentation compost turner machine to ferment the raw materials and then using the fertilizer mixer machine to mix the raw materials with other type additional materials.If we want to make the fertilizer into granulator,we cna use the new type organic fertilizer granulator or the flat die granulator machine,which this type fertilizer granulator machine can be used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.
organic fertilizer manufacturing process
In the fertilizer manufacturing process of agricultural production,there are many kinds of waste.Therefore,the rational utilization of agricultural waste resources is of great signinficance to promote the sustainable development of agriculture,including the transformation of animal manure and crop straw into agricultural fertilizer.For example,using related technologies to effectively treat straw and use it as agricultural machinery cost,or using mixed,high-temperature fermentation bacteria to ferment crop straw to achieve the production of the organic fertilizer.
The fertilizer manufacturing technology developed more mature and more and more fertilizer machines to be designed and used in the fertilizer production line.For improving the producation efficient,more and more type fertilizer production lines are designed for producing the organic fertilizer or inorganic fertilizer granualtor.For example,our engineers designed the npk fertilizer production line to produce the compound fertilizer granulator,and the bio fertilizer production line is also designed for producing the bioorganic fertilizer granulator.More fertilizer machines can be used to produce the orgnaic fertilizer granulator and inorgnaic fertilizer granulator.
For improvng the farm industry development,the using of the soil fertilizer is necessary.And for improving the woking efficient,we can use the fertilizer manufacturing technology to produce the organic fertilizer or inorganic compound fertilizer granulator.More type fertilizer can be mixed use in the soil to reduce the harmful of only using the chemical fertilizer granulator.