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The application of the organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizer now are to be used widely,and the fertilizer manufacturing technology improve the organic fertilizer production yield.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,different type fertilizer machines are equipped to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.And there we share more the application of the organic fertilizer in agricultural.
Firstly we generally to talk more about the organic fertilizer production.In the organic fertilizer production line,we are first to use the fermentation compost turner machine to ferment the raw materials for sometime,and then using the fertilizer crusher machine and fertilizer mixer machine to deal with the raw materials,there,the crusher machine can choose the chain or half wet material crusher machine,and the fertilizer mixer machine type,we can choose the horizontal mixer machine to mix the raw materials.Next to put them in to the new type organic fertilizer granulator machine to be made into granulator,which this type fertilizer granulator machine is designed for producing the organic fertilizer granulator.Next to use the fertilizer dryer machine and the fertilizer cooler machine to deal with the granulator.Finally to pack them using the automatic packing machine.
Organic fertilizer is an important source of fertilizer in agricultural production,which plays an important role in agricultural production.In recent years,some farmers only pay attention to the application of chemical fertilizer,but ignore the application of organic fertilizer,resulting in the decline of soil fertility and soil hardening.
organic fertilizer production line
Advantages of applying organic fertilizer:
The most important point of applying organic fertilizer is to increase the organic matter in the soil.Although the content of organic matter only accounts for 0.1-0% of the total amount of arable soil,it is the core component of soil and the main material basis of soil fertility.Organic fertilizer has a very important influence on soil structure,nutrients,engery,water,aeration and microbial activity.Organic fertilizer contains a large number of nutrients meeded by plants,which has a long after effect on the nutrient supply of plants.Organic fertilizers also contain many trace elements.Because all kinds of nutrients elements in organic fertilizer are complete,and these substances are completely non-toxic,harmless and polution-free natural substances,it provides necessary conditions for the production of high--yield and high-quality and pollution-free-green food.Organic fertilizers contain many kinds of sugars.With sugars and a large amount of engery released by organics in degradation,engery is available for the growth,development and reproduction of soil microorganisms.
The organic fertilizer granulator to be produced in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process and the fertilizer machines to be used improving the working efficient and it also can meet the rquirement of the organic fertilizer market.The fertilizer manufacturing technology not only can meet the organic fertilizer production,it also can meet the production of the npk,compound fertilizer production.
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