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Production of straw organic -inorganic fertilizer

The production of the organic or inorganic fertilizer can be produced by using the fertilizer manufacturing technology.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,it equipped with different type fertilizer machines to produce the organic-inorganic compound fertilizer.The raw material of the straw can be used to produce the organic-inorganic fertilizer.There we share the method of the production of straw organic-inorganic fertilizer.
The production process of straw organic-inorganic compound fertilizer is not a simple mixture of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer,it is more difficult than single production of organic fertilizer or inorganic fertilizer,mainly because it is not easy to granulate,or the granulated products are not easy to meet the national organic-inorganic compound fertilizer product standard.According to the national standard ,the proportion of organic fertilizer in the raw materials of the whole compound fertilizer is not less than 30%,and the difficulty of granulation will increase with the proportion of organic fertilizer.
organic fertilizer manufacturing process
As far as the existing technology is concerned,there are two stages in the production process of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer,one is the production stage of organic fertilizer,the other is the mixed granulation stage of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer.The organic fertilizer production is the same as the production of refined orgranic fertilizer.Straw and other materials also need to be composted rapidly to become finished organic fertilizer.The process of granulation mainly includes the mixing of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer,the granulation of mixture,the screening of particles,the packaging of products and other steps.The granulation stage of mixture is to distinguish the existing organic-inorganic compund fertilizer.The main point of production technology is also the focus of research.
According to the pelletilizing process selected in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,the organic fertilizer should be pretreated before pelletilizing.For example,if the process requires that the maaterial be fine,it needs to be crushed by using the fertilizer crusher machine ,and using the drum screener machine to be screened.What's more,if the process requires low water content,it needs to be dried.
At present,the mature granulation process using the fertilizer granulator machine mainly includes the following:
(1)roller granulation:after the mixed materials are wetted by the binder in the roller,they are continuously bonded to each other with the rotation of the roller to from particles.Binders are water,urea,humic acid and other types,which can be determined according to production needs.The main characteristics of the process are:organic fertilizer does not need pretreament,namely cocoa is directly granulated;the selection range of binder is wide,and the process is universal;the granulation rate is low,but thee appearance is good.
(2)Extrusion granulation:organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer are mixed in a certain proportion and are extruded or rolled into granules by different granulators such as roller press granulator,which the type fertilizer granulator machine can be used to produce the organic or inorganic fertilizer granulator.The materials with fine texture and good cohesiveness are more suitable for the requirements of the process.In addition,the water content should be adjusted to facilitate granulation if necessary.The main characteristics of the process are :the material generally needs pretreatment;no drying is needed,reducing the process;the product has high water content;thee particles are uniform,but easy yo collapse;the production requires large power and the production is easy to wwear.
(3)Disc granulation:Dry and comminuted organic manure is sent to the disc granulator machine with proper amount of inorganic fertilizer.After humidifier spray humidification,the force at the bottom of the disc is rubbed by the friction between the disc and the inner wall,and then particles are dried.Disc granulation process has developed two methods;continuous and intermitted.The process features:the organic fertilizer needs to be dried and comminuted first,the process is tedious;it has strong adaptability to the content of organic fertilizer,the particles can be automatically graded,but the granulation rate is low,the appearance is poor;the production capacity is moderate.

In addition,some new pelletilizing process,such as extrusion pelletilizing have also been applied.The technological process is as follows:material mixing,disc feeding,extrusion grranulation,particle polishing and shaping,drying ,cooling and screening,metering packaging.The The advantages of extrusion granulation anf roller granulation,and the product has good granulation, strength and appearance.The graininess,strength and appearance of products are related to the market competitiveness of products.Beside the organic fertilizer production has different production method,the npk fertilizer production is also have different method.
As tjhe fertilizer machine manufacturers,we are also desinging the new type fertilizer machines and new type fertilizer production line to make more different type fertilizer granulator.