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The reason and solution of the abrasion of the roll skin of the double roller granulator

As an essential fertilizer for modern ecological agriculture, organic fertilizer is widely welcomed because of its complete nutrient elements, which can improve the soil, and the production of organic fertilizer is inseparable from various fertilizer equipment. Among them, the extrusion granulator is widely used equipment. In the process of using the roller press granulator, roll skin wear often occurs. Let's analyze the extrusion granulator. The reason of the abrasion of pelletizer roll skin and the method of how to reduce the abrasion.
In the fertilizer manufacturing process of the roller press granulation process,the roll is the most easily worn part in the pelletilizing operation of the roll type extrusion granulator.As the main part of the material granulation,the roller skin gradualy wear to produce uneven particles,but its wear is inevitable,how to reduce the wear of the double roller granulator is the most important.
roller press granulator
Reason is the most important:
1.Affected by the hardness,size and shape of the fertilizer to be treated.Too hard,too large or irregular materials are easy to cause uneven wear of roller skin.
2.It is directly related to the material of the roller skin.The skin with poor material is wear-resistant and has short service life.
3.It has the shape,size and operation conditions of roll surface.
4.Uneven feeding is easy to cause uneven wear of roller skin.
The roller press hgranulator of the fertilizer granulation machine that it is most of being used in npk fertilizer production line to be used to make the npk,compound fertilizer granulator.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,most other series fertilizer granulator machine also to be used to produce the fertilizer granulator.