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Chicken manure organic fertilizer production line

Producing the organic fertilizer  by using the organic fertilizer machine.The raw materials can be the chicken manure,cow manure and so on.The chicken manure organic fertilizer production line is to be designed and used to produce the organic fertilizer.The production line machine of chicken manure organic fertilizer is green ecological organic fertilizer,which is made of chicken manure and crop straw as main raw materials and fermented by multi-dimensional enzyme bacteria.The multi-dimensional complex enzyme bacteria is a microbial fermentation preparation composed of 106 benefical microorganisms,such as thermotolerant bacillus group,lactobacillus group,Bifidobacterium group and yeast group, which can produce a variety of enzymes. It is non-toxic to human and livestock, pollution-free, safe to use, can fix nitrogen, remove phosphorus and potassium, and can also decompose the residues of chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers. It has increased production and disease resistance to the planting and breeding industry Function.
In the fertilizer manufacturing process,it is to be equipped with different type organic fertilizer machine to finish the production process.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,it is to be equipped with the fermentation compost turner machine,fertilizer crusher machine,
fertilizer granulation machine and so on a series fertilizer machine to be used.These machine to be used in different type fertilizer production line to finish the organic fertilizer production process,which different type fertilizer machine play the different role in different type fertilizer manufacturing process.

For example,when producing the organic fertilizer granulator by using the fertilizer granulator machine,choose the suitable fertilizer granulator machine type is the factor.Because different modle fertilizer granulator machine to be designed and used to produce the fertilizer into granulator by using different granulation method.In the chicken manure organic fertilizer production line,we can choos to use the
rotary drum granulator machine to finish the granulation process.The granulation method can be divided into dry granulation method and wet granulation method.The rotary drum granulator machine is to be choosen to be used to produce the organic fertilizer and somtimes it also can be used in npk fertilizer manufacturing process to finish the production process.