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How to choose fertilizer granulator machine according to its own requirements?

 The production of organic fertilizer include fermentation,crushing,screening,batching,mixing,granulation,drying,cooling,rescreening,rounding and coating.Organic fertilizer granulation is the most important link,which determines the product phase of organic fertilizer particles.The quality of granulation determines the yield on the one hand,and on the other hand directly affects the product price.
At present,the mainstream organic fertilizer machine of the granulator mainly includes new type organic fertilizer granulator,roller press granulator,disc granulator,rotary drum granulator ,flat die granulator and two in one new type organic fertilizer granulator.We share more about these machine in detail.
1.Rotary drum granulator:The workig principle of the rotary drum ganulator is the material enters the front end of the rotary cylinder from the feeding pipe(the inclination of the feeding pipe is greater than the natural inclination of the material),and the steam inlet pipe at the front end of the cylinder ejects certain pressure of water vapor.Because the nozzle of the steam inlet pipe is located at the bottom of the material.And the steam has a certain pressure.Therefore,the materail can get some water evenly and form small particles.Because the cylinder has a certain slope.Under the action of gravity and friction of lining plate,these small particles move continuously in the direction of cylinder circumference and axis.In the movement,small particles gradually form particles of certain specifications.
It can be used in organic fertilizer manufacturing process to make organic fertilizer granulator,it also can produce inorganic compound fertilizer,and other series of products with the content of nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium from 20% to 48%.
The working principle of rotary drum granulator is to make use of high-speed rotation,mechanical mixing and the resulting aerodynamic force,so that the fine powder can be continuously mixed,granulated,spherorized and densified in the generally between 0.3-3mm,and the granulation rate is ≥ 90%.The particle diameter can be properly adjusted by the mixing amount of material moisture and the spindle speed.Generally,the lower the mixing ampunt is,the higher the speed is,the smaller the particles are,and vice versa.
The advantages of drum The advantages of drum agitator two in one granulator are that the particle size distribution is centralized and easy to control. Compared with natural agglomeration pelletizer (such as rotary disc pelletizer and drum pelletizer), the particle size distribution is centralized. High organic content. The particles produced are spherical. The content of organic matter can be as high as 100% to realize the granulation of pure organic matter. There is no edge angle in granulation, and the powder rate is very low. The spherical particles have no sharp angle after granulation, so the pulverization rate is very low. Efficient. It is easier to meet the requirements of large-scale production. The disadvantage is the high cost of the machine.
2.Disc granulator:Working principle of disc granulator: raw meal powder is stirred evenly by pre adding water, input into the disk, with the rotation of the disk, the material in the disk gradually forms a ball through rolling, and then discharged out of the disk after reaching the predetermined diameter, and then transported to the next process.       
The advantages of the disc granulator are high pelletizing efficiency. The disc angle of the pelletizer adopts the overall circular arc structure, with the granulation rate of over 93%. It has a long service life and a brand-new desilting design. The edge and bottom are cleaned by the combination scraper without power, the angle and the angle are cleaned by the scraper. With the unique treatment technology of the disc body, the desilting and balling effect is good. The bottom of pelletizing plate is reinforced by multiple radiation steel plates, which is firm and durable, never deformed, thickened and weighted. The main gear of pelletizer is quenched by high frequency, and its service life is doubled. The plate of pelletizer is lined with high-strength fiberglass, which is corrosion-resistant and durable. It has the characteristics of high granulation rate, stable operation, strong and durable equipment, long service life and so on. It is the ideal equipment chosen by the majority of users. The disadvantage is that a skilled granulator is needed.
fertilizer granulator machine
The working principle of the counter roll extrusion granulator is that the belt and pulley are driven by the motor, transmitted to the active shaft through the reducer, and synchronized with the passive shaft through the split gear to work in the opposite direction. The materials are added from the feed hopper, extruded by the counter roll, demoulded and pelletized, and then transported to the crushing screen working room through a pair of chains. The finished particles (balls) are screened and separated, and then the returned materials are mixed with the new materials before pelletizing. With the continuous rotation of the motor and the continuous entry of materials, mass production can be realized. The shape and size of the ball socket on the roll skin of the roll extrusion granulator can be selected according to the user's needs, with a wide range of choices. The ball pressing shapes include pillow, semi-circular, rod, pill, walnut, flat ball and square strip. At present, the shape of flat ball is used.
The advantages of the roller extrusion granulator are less investment and quick effect. There is no drying process for the roller extruder granulator. It can be granulated at normal temperature. It has less investment, quick effect and good economic benefit. Reliable operation, low cost. The compound fertilizer has the advantages of small power, reliable operation, no discharge of three wastes, stable operation and convenient maintenance. It has wide applicability to raw materials of roller extrusion granulator. The disadvantage is that the moisture content of the material is required to be below 15%, otherwise it is easy to stick to the wall.
 4.Flat die granulator
The advantages of the fertilizer granulator machine with flat die granulator are that the surface of the granulated materials processed by the machine is bright and clean, the hardness is moderate, the temperature rise is low in the process of processing, and the nutrients inside the raw materials can be well maintained. The moisture content of the particles produced by the machine is low and easy to store, which can keep the original state for a long time in the water and greatly improve the utilization rate of materials. The machine adopts a central pressure regulating structure, which adapts to different materials and ensures the pressing effect. The compression molding of sawdust and corn straw needs a lot of pressure. The press roll of this machine adopts inclined wheel. The two ends of the die plate have the same linear speed with the inner and outer rings of the die plate, and there is no dislocation friction between the wheel and the die, so the resistance is reduced, the kinetic energy loss is reduced, and the service life of the die is prolonged. The disadvantage is that the particle density produced by the flat die granulator is high, which is not easy to melt and absorb when applied in the field.