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The principle of using the fertilizer in the green pepper

 The green pepper has a long growing period,the root system is underdeveloped,the root amount is small,the soil is shallow,the drought is not resistant to drought and the fertilizer resistance is strong.Using the organic fertilizer machine to produce the organic fertilizer can improve the fertilizer efficient and improve the growth of the green pepper.A complete fertilizer production line always help us save more time and cost.We can use the complete organic fertilizer production line to produce the organic fertilizer more efficient and save time.
In the growing season of the green pepper,more potassium is absorbed,follwed  by nitrogen fertilizer and lrss phosphate fertilizer.Green peppers are not strict with soil requirements.Generally,sand and clay can be cultivated,and loam soil with fertile soil,deep soil and good drainage is preferred.Green pepper has higher requiremens on soil nutrition.
If thee green pepper is malnourished,espeially if the nitrogen is insufficient or excessive,or the phosphate fertilizer is insufficient,it often leads to a large number of falling flowers,falling buds and failing bells.Potassium is less than nitrogen,otherwise the stems and leaves are poorly developed.Because the roots of green peppers are not developed,the requirements for moisture are strict.Combined with the fertility characteristics and fertilizer characteristics of green pepper,the principle of fertilization is:
1.Re-application of the base ferilizer.The growth period of the green pepper is very long and it is very important to apply the base fertilizer.On the basis of the application of the farmyard manure,45-50kg of npk fertilizer per acre is applied.
2.When applying more than 2-3cm in diameter,the combined use of fruit water is 10 kg of nitrophosphate per acre,and enters the fruity period,combined with 15kg of nitrophosphate per acre of soil,after entering the rainy season.To prevent the plant from de-fertilizing after rain,15kg of nitrophosphate ffertilizer per acre;enter the second flowering result period ,in order to ensure the rapid expansion of the fruit,it is necessary to combine 20kg of nitrophosphate fertilizzer per acre.
3.Control fertilization during flowering to prevent falling flowers,fallen leaves and falling fruits.
4.The young fruit period and the harvesting period should be fertilized in time to promote the rapid expansion of young fruit.
5.Avoid using high-concentration fertilizer,avoid wet soil topdressing at high temperature at noon,avoid excessive concentration of topdressing.
In the fertilizer production line including many fertilizer machines.Most of these fertilizer machine are automatic machine,and wwe can save more time and labor cost.