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How to apply organic fertilizer in brocoli?

The fertilizer machine can produce the organic fertilizer more efficient and it can also save a lot of time.The organic fertilizer including many nutrients.It not only can increase the growth of the vegaterables and it also meet the requirements of the environment.We always use the fertilizer granulator machine to produce the fertilizer granule.And the machine we usually use the disc granulator,rotary drum granulator,new type organic fertilizer granulator to produce the organic fertilizer.
The growth cycle of broccoli in the filed can be divided into five stages:germination stage,seeding stage,lotus sitting stage,flower ball maturity stage and twitching flowering result stage.Therefore,we jshould also choose a good period when applying organic fertilizer to them.It can be used just right.Cauliflower has a shallow root distribution and requires alarge amount of fertilizer.It must be fertile and loose,rich in organic matter,rich in loam or clay with loam good water retention performance,and must be applied to the base fertilizer.In the cultivation process of broccoil,we must first pay attention to the application to ratio of nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium in the nutrient soil during the nursery period.Before the planting,the application of bio=organic fertilizer 80-100kg and organic fertilizer2500-5000kg as the base fertilizer.Lotus leaf growth and flower bud development stage,with 6-8 kg of ammonium sulfate.During the ball-forming period,generally use about 15kg of ammonium sulfate for irrigation and apply fertilizer once every 8-10 days until the flower ball is fully grown.