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Many points of method for applying nitrogen fertilizer to eggplant

Eggplant is one of the main fruits and vegetables of summer vegetables.The market demand is large.But in recent years,due to the long rotation period of eggplant,the disease is serious,especially the damage of verticillium wilt,which seriously affects the yield of eggplant.So we need to use the fertilizer to kill these disease.Producing the fertilizer need to fertilizer machine will be made the fertilizer effectiveness.The output has dropped and in order to meet the market supply,it has to increase the yield on ffertilizer.
1.The right amount.Eggplant requires a large amount of nitrogen fertilizer,but in the high temperature season,urea should be controlled within 30 kg per acre.Because of the high temperature season,the conversion rate of urea after applying it to the soil is relatively fast.After the plant meets the needs,the excess will be caused loss.Especially in study soils,the proportion of loss will ne greater.The application rate of ammonium bicarbonate per acre is not more than 40 kg,and  the application amount is too large.In addition to causing nutrient loss,it will cause ammonia damage to eggplant leaves and fruits.
2.Appropriate law.It is a habit for vegetable farmers to apply fertilizers,and it is a habit to use water,but this method should not be used in the summer high season.Because of the higher temperature,when the fertilizer is applied,a large amount of ammonia vapor will reduce the fertilizer effeciency,especially ammonium bicarbonate,which is more likely to cause ammonia poisoning of eggplant.It is effective to use ditching or acupoint application.The thickness of the butied soil after top dressing should be no less than 5 cm to reduce the volatilization of the active ingredients of the fertilizer.
3.Reasonable matching.Although the eggplant needs a large amount of nitrogen fertilizer,the phosphorus and potassium fertilizer is also indispensable.In the top dressing,the nitrogen fertilizer can not be applied every time.In the fruiting period,it is better to apply 2 times od ternary compound fertilizer,and the total of 2 times per acre shoul be no less than 40kg to meet the neds of eggplant growth and results.
In this summer,because fertilizer are easy to volatilize,especially nitrogen fertilizer,we should master the techniques and methods of fertilization to make the growth of eggplants bigger.Improper fertilization can resonable planting conditions to carry out scientific and rational fertilization.Only scientific and rational fertilization can help crops.
Producing the fertilizer need the fertilizer machine like the fertilizer mixer machine to make the raw material mixing more uniformlly.Besides the machine we also have other fertilizer machines and the fertilizer production line.For example,the fertilizer granulator machine,npk,compound fertilizer production line,and the organic fertilizer production line.