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How to use the bio-organic fertilizer?

Bio-organic fertilizer is a fertilizer for growing organic crops.It has complete nutrients and remarketable effects.It is gradually favored by the markeet and has a broad for development.So how to produce the bio-organic fertilizer?
The role of bio-organic fertilizer:
1.Increase soil nutrients and improve soil biological vitality:Bio-organic fertilizer can increase soil organic matter and nutrient content and improve soil fertility.At the same time,it can also improve soil microbial population structure,increase microbial quantity,increase soil biological vitality,and furtheer improve soil quality.
2.Improve product quality and reduce accumulation of harmful substances:Bio-organic fertilizer can promote the conversion of nitrate in  crops and reduce the accumulation of nitrate in agricultural products.Compared with the application of chemical fertilizers,the average nitrate content can be reduced by 15%,while prolonging crop preservation and storage time.
3.Suppress soil-borne disease and improve crop rhizosphere environment:Bio-organic fertilizer can increase microbial growth,improve crop micro-environment,regulate soil biological structure and quantity,reduce soil-borne diseasees,and alleviate soil continuous cropping obstacles.
How to produce the bio-organic fertilizer?
We all know the bio-organic fertilizer is the granulation of raw materials after crushing,mixing,and screening etc.These process all can be finished by the fertilizer machines,and  a complete bio-organic fertilizer production line.These machine including the fertilizer granulator machine,fertilizer mixer machine series ,the fertilizer crusher machine series and the fertilizer screener machine series etc.Using the fertilizer equipment can improve the productivity of the fertilizer and it also can reduce the cost.
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