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What is the difference between bio-organic fertilizer and farmyard manure?

Bio-organic fertilizer refers to a kind of microbial and a combintion of specific functional microorganisms and organic materials mainly composed of animal and plant residues(such as liestock and poltry manure,crop straw etc)which are compounded by harmless treatment  and decomposed organic materials.Fertilizer with organic fertilizer effect.
Farmlyard manure refers to organic fertilizer that farmers mix and accumulate livestock manure,manure or crop straw.The difference betwween the two:
First,benefical microbial difference.Bio-organic fertilizer contains a large number of benefical microorganisms.Microbical  activities can improve soil physical and chemical properties,inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms,and promote crop growth.The microbial content of farmyard manure is less,and benefical microorganisms and harmful microorganisms coexit.
The second is te difference in fertilizer effeeciency:The bio-organic fertilizer has a short fermentation time,complete decomposing,less nutrient loss,and relatively quick fertilizer effeciency;the farmer's fertilizer accumulates in the open air for a long time, and the nutrient (especially nitrogen) is more lost.
Third,security differences:Bio-oranic fertilizer have basically eliminated the pests and disease that are harmful to crop growth in the manure of livestock and polultry through the action of benefical  microorganisms.In addition,the bio-organic fertilizer is ferented,fully fermented and applied to the soil,which will not cause the roots an burning of the crops,but the farmer's fertilizer is not thoroughly cooked.When the dosage is sightly larger,rooting and burning of the seedings will occur,resulting in reducing yield.
Producing the organic fertilizer we always use the fertilizer machine ,because it not only can increase the fertilizer productivity,it also can reduce the labor cost.The common fertilizer machine we use is the fertilizer granulator machine,and we always use the disc granulator,rotary drum granulator,new type organic fertilizer machine to produce the organic fertilizer or we will choose the organic fertilizer production line or the bio-organic fertilizer production line directly to produce the bio-organic fertilizer.If we use a complete fertilizer production line,we can save a lot of time.