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Agricultural effects of composting soild waste and sludge

 Organic fertilizer is the substrate of enzymatic action. The increase of soil organic matter content and the activity of enzymes accelerate the decomposition, transformation and synthesis of soil nutrients. There are a large number of animals in the soil. Organic fertilizers provide abundant nutrients for their survival and reproduction. The vigorous life and activities of soil animals play an important role in the decomposition of organic matter and various compound.Now in the big city every day will produce a lot of waste and if we didn't deal with it appority they will make pollution.In the waste,they always including many organic material,and if we can use the technology to extract the organic material in the waste.Producing the fertilizer we usually use the semi-automatic fertilizer machine or the automati fertilizer machine to improve the producing effecient and using fertilizer machine can guarantee the purity of the extracted fertilizer.Usually,the fertilizer machine we use including the fertilizer granulator machine,the fertilizer mixer machine ,the fertilizer screener machine and so on to turn the waste into the treasure.
Using the fertilizer machine or the fertilizer production line to make the waste or sludge become into the treasure,it not only can protect the environment ,and it also can increase the soil fertility.