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The factor of influencing the organic fertilizer production line

  The moisture index and the degree of dryness affect the survival of the strain. The forming and drying system in the equipment is a better controller for this factor.The raw material formula, good formula can guarantee the effective number of bacteria and can provide more nutrients for crop growth. Therefore, the forming and drying system in the production line is to prevent these raw material formulations from being destroyed or changed by production and processing, thereby ensuring product effects.The forming and drying system in the organic fertilizer production line is a guarantee of the number of live bacteria.How to identify the quality of organic fertilizer in organic fertilizer production line?
1.Soak water method to take a water cup,soak the organic fertilizer sample in water.then soak the organic fertilizer in water by hand,stir evenly,look at the raw material of organic as fertilizer and water in a short time.When stratificant and the use of organic fertilizer equipment production lines contains more soil.
2.Smell the law carefully smell the smell of fertilizer to see if there is ammonia,manure,sludge,good organic fertilizer should be a completely rotten taste.
3.Hand rubs the thum and forefinger back and forth to take the organic fertilizer,if there is a feeling of pickpockets,there are sand or other impurities inside.
4.Strain test method of taking a cup of water and put the organic fertilizer into it,sprinkle a little water(be careful not to soak,damp),put it in a warm and suitable place,good organic fertilizer will grow white hyphae,open organic fat white hyphae are also seen inside the granules.
5.Potted test method is to take a pot of flowers,directly grab a large amount of organic fertilizer at the root of the flower,water,good organic fertilizer will gradually grow white hyphae,promote plant growth,unqualified organic fertilizer will smoke,plants gradually wither until death.
6.Comparative test method :after selecting organic fertilizer,when planting crops,leave some organic fertilizer and observethe performance of the plants.Good organic fertilizer has a significant impact on growth,yield and quality.
7.Check the packaging specifications,the severice life of the organic fertilizer equipment production line,whether it is authorized production.