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How chicken manure ferment to organic fertilizer

 A chicken farm with a certain scale produces a large amount of chicken manure every day,and the ammonia smell of chicken manure is heaviest.The chicken manure cleand out every day needs to be dealt with.Usually chicken manure can be treated as fertilizer and feed.Here we focus on organic fertilizer production through the organic fertilizer production line.The traditional light bulb method is not suitable for a large-scale chicken farm, because it takes a long time, so it takes up a large space.
What about chicken manure?How to make it organic?
First of all,pile up chicken manure into a mince,add the right amount of auxiliary mayerial to adjust the water,when the water is less than 65% can be directly fermented,the starter bacteria evenly spread on the chicken manure,by the organic fertilizer production line for processing, fermentation 7-15 days into fertilizer,water in about 30%of the finished organic fertilizer.
The harm of organic manure produced by non-professional chicken manure fermentation.
1.Application effect is poor,I am sure most farmers have had the experience of using chicken manure to fertilize their crops,but it is disappointing to see how little effect iit has on the amount of chicken manure that is thrown on the ground.
2.Causing burning root burning seedings,crops sick phenomenon,the reason for this situation,because the raw chicken manure is not fully cooked,secondary fermentation.
3.Harmful bacteria in chicken anure cause crop disease.So how to change this helpless  situation?Using organic fertilizer production line for chicken manure fermentation processing,not only can insecticidal sterilization,still can improve the manure fertilizer effect,safe and convenient to use,the growth of resistance will not cause the phenomenon of burn root seedings ,it can guarantee the efficient growth of crops,but also reduce the farmers to crop spraying steps,save the cost of peticides.
Not only chicken manure can be processed by organic fertilizer production line,but also all kinds of animal manure,straw,litter,bark,sawdust etc can be fermented by organic manure.The fermentation method is basically the same.