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Equipment and technology for sludge production of organic fertilizer

Water treatment plant sludge,the general moisture content is higher at 75%-80%,generally after anaerobic fermentation is not high,the concentration of harmful bacteria to the factory,then it should be the raw material for the moisture content is low when the shop is on the bottom of the fermentation tank,and then set up mixed lake rubbish,make the liquid organic fertilizer make full use of ,it can increase the raw materials of all sorts of nutrition,moisture content in the fermentation material in 50%-55%.When the temperature reaches 65-70degrees,it can be turned over,cooled and fermented.If the temperature is too high,it will kill the benefical bacteria in the raw material and  the content of the benefical bacteria in the finished product will not reach the standard.It can be fermented for 5-7days in summer,and then it can be fermented for 12-15 days in winter.Place the storge plant for the fermentation of the reactor,the time is 3-5 days,so that the water content can be granulated in the range of 35%-40%.At this time,the material can be cruhed and the organic fertilizer equipment can be used for the crushing machne.The crushed materials are transport into the batching,the ingrdients are from 3-4 bins,of which 2 bins are the main raw materials,and the other two bins are added with other trace elements,which are automatically weighed and sent to the main transporter.It is  sent to the double shaft mixer for strring.The mixer can be continuously stirred.The material after mixing directly enters the bucket elevator to the ground,and the chain mill pulverizes because there is a small agglomeration during mixing.The effect of the granules is not good.Then,the pulverized material is fed into the tray feeder.The tray feeder can simultaneously feed multiple granulators,Uniformly granulate,and then granulate by the granulator.The ball formation rate is above 90%,among which there are three kinds of large,mediun and small particles.The angle of disk granulator must be adjusted to a certain position.The angle is determined according to the particle size.The larger the angle,the smaller the particle and the higher the angle,the bigger the particles.Then the pellets are sent to the dryer for drying by the main conveyor.The drying temperature is controlled below 70 degrees,because the water content of the feed is about 35%-40%,and the temperature is too high,which will benefit the raw materials.The bacteria are killed,the retention speed of the dryer is 40-45 mintures,the rotation speed of the dryer is 4.5-5 turns,and it can be sent to the discharge port,and the transfer machine is sent to a screening machine to sort out large and small.The granules are sent to the pulverizer through the return belt conveyor for granulation,intermediate materials and finished materials.It is sent to the cooler for cooling by the conveyor.Because the particles have a certain temperature,the particles are cooled and sent.The two sieves separate the fine powder and then feed it into the coating machine for coating,so that the particles look good and prevent it.The particles are agglomerated,and the film-coated granules are sent to the silo for measurement,and the finished product can be metered and packaged.