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The factor of incluencing the fertilizer coating

Generally speaking,the fertilizer are made into fertilizer granulator using the fertilizer granulator machine,because in this way it is convenient to transport and consevery. And the coating technology usually are easy,and the fertilizer coating machine are designed to make the aim.But there are some influence in the process of coating,we need to be noticed.
The coated fertilizer refers to a kind of slow-release fertilizer made by coating other materials on the surfance of fertilizer granulaes.The substances that can be used for film formation include:inorganic substances such as sulfur,silicate etc;organic polymers such as celulose,polyethylene etc;they can reduce direct contact with the outside after film formation,control the release rate of water-soluble fertilizer nutrients and improve the performance of fertilizers.Taking the npk fertilizer production as an example,the material of coating the fertilizer granulator can be the silicate to coat the fertilizer granulator after granulating.
Factors affecting nutrient release:
The key factor affecting the release rate of coated fertilizer nutrients is the characteristics of the coating material itself,which is the permeability of the membrabe material to water,which is relates to the material of the coating,pore size and thickness.In addition to the coating material,the factors affecting the performance of the coated fertilizer are the thickness of the coating layer,the number of coating layers,the uniformity of the coating and the like.The more the coating layer,the longer the release period of the fertilizer.However,too thick a coating will result in a decrease in fertilizer nutrient ratio and affect fertilizer efficiency.The uniformity of the fertilizer also affects the sustained release property,the more uniform the coating,the better the sustained release property.
In the fertilizer manufacturing process,every detail will effect the producing result,so we need to notice more details in the process to promise the quality of the fertilizer granulator.