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High efficiency using npk fertilizer granulator

 Different compound fertilizer granulator including the npk fertilizer granulator,which produced  in the npk fertilizer production,were used in different soil environment will produce different fertilizer effect.So what charcteristics of the compound fertilizer granulator,and how to use the fertilizer granulator according to the different soil environment.We need to notice these point in the process of using:
First,using the organic fertilizer with the compound fertilizer together.The organic fertilizer including many organic material and the raw material easied to be found in life,and the organic fertilizer manufacturing process developed mature.
Most of the compound fertilizers are multi-component,but it does not replace the organic fertilizer,and it is combined with the application of decomposed organic fertilizer.Although the nutrient distribution ratio of special compound fertilizer is determined according to the fertilizer characteristics of the crop and the fertilization characteristics of the soil,the soil fertility level is different and the crop growth demand is different.In the fertilization process,the simple fertilizer should be applied according to the actual growth of the crop.
Then,the application according to the characteristics of compound fertilizer.The fertilizer effect of the compound fertilizer is stable,fast and long,and it is suitable for the application of the base fertilizer.In addition,the controlled release fertilizer adopts the coating ,using the fertilizer coating machine, and granulation process,the fertilizer effect is slow and stable,the decomposition is slower than the single fertilizer,the nutrient loss is small,the utilization rate is high,and it is suitable for application as a base fertilizer.
The compound fertilizer is slow to be decomposed ,and the compound fertilizer is used as the base fertilizer crop when planting.According to the fertilizer requirement of different crops,the quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer should be supplemented in time to meet the nutritional needs of crops.
Now the fertilizer manufacturing process developed more and more mature,and the production of the compound fertilizer granulator and the organic fertilizer granulator.Depending on the different characteristics of the fertilizer granulator,the fertilizer machines are designed for the characteristics of the common.