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How to fertilize potato plants?

When we use he fertilizer to fertilize the plants we should notice the time and the quality of the fertilizer.Now many fertilizer manufacturers choose the fertilizer machine to produce all kinds of  fertilizer.For example,we can use the rotary drum granulator or the disc granulator to produce the orgnaic fertilizer.Maybe we also can choose the organic fertilizer production line to produce the organic fertilizer or the compound fertilizer.And using the fertilizer production lines are more save time and cost.
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Potato is a perennial herb of Solanaceae,which is an imporrtant food crop.It is the fourth most important food crop in the world and has good plantinh value.In the process of potato planting,fertilization is a very imporrtant link that directly affects the yield and quality of potato planting value.Reasonable fertilization of potatoes to ensure high yield.So how we use the fertilizer to fertilize potato plants?
1.Reapplying base fertilizer:Potatoes are tuber crops that prefer loose sandy soils that require cool temperatures.When fertilizing,there shoul be more farmyard manure combined with chemical fertilizer as base fertilizer,which can improve the physical properties of the soil and it is conducive to growth and potato formation.The base fertilizer is mainly based on fully decomposed farmyard manure,and a certain amount of chemical fertilizer is added,especially phosphorus and potassium fertilizer as base fertilizer,which can improve the physical properties of the soil,and it is benefical to growth and potato formation.The amount of nitrogen fertilizer in the base fertilizer accounts for about 50%.The application method of the base fertilizer is applied in the ditch or hole before planting,and the depth is about 15 cm.
2.Early topdressing:Topdressing should be combined with the reasonable growth period of potato growth.In the seeding stage,it is necessary to apply nitrogen fertilizer.It can be combined with cultivating soil for 5-8kg of urea per acre to help the seedings.After the flowering of the potato,the topdressing is generally not carried out,especially the nitrogen fertilizer can not be applied.After the flowering of the potato,the phosphorus and potassium fertilizer are mainly sprayed on the foilar surface,and the 0.3-0.5%potassium ihydrogen phosphate soultion is sprayed per acre of urea,spray once 10-15days,and even spray 2-3times.