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NPK fertilizer production line

It is commonly that using the compound fertilizer or the npk fertilizer.Because the development of compound fertilizer have rised the change market structure,so the needs of designing the new fertilizer machine and the fertilizer production line is an important project.According the change of the market, we have designed the new fertilizer machnes and the new fertilizer production lines to be suitable all kinds of changes.In our company,we design the npk,compound fertilizer production line to produce the compound fertilizer or the npk fertilizer.And we also have the organic fertilizer production line.Today we will share some information about the npk fertilizer production line.
The npk fertilizer production is mainly used to produce the npk fertilzer or the compound fertilizer,in the fertilizer production line,different fertilizer machines have different usages.Such as the fertilizer granulator machine is mainly used to make the fertilizer into the granular,the fertilizer mixer machine is to mix the raw material and so on.
In the npk fertilizer production line including these machine:like the rotary drum granulator,horizontal mixer,drum screener machine belt conveyor and the coating machine.