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Using the organic fertilizer can promote the farming production

With the diversified development of agriculture, many crops from artificial cultivation into regionalization and intelligent management of chemical farming methods, in order to save costs, heavy use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, herbicide, save production cost, shorten the production process, but this kind of industrialization, short cycle produced crops, the only advantage is crops more volume, lower prices, but both flavor and nutrition will be greatly decreased, and the long-term use of chemical fertilizers and herbicides causes a land plate, the development of agriculture has a very bad influence for the future.
This is why recent  years the country should promote biological fertilizer and organic fertilizer.Because he contain a varuty of organic acids,and nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium and organic nutrients,rich in nutrients,rabbit dung,sheep dung,organic fertilizer and organic manure devices,organic fertilizer hydraulic driving machine,such as organic fertilizer granulator  machine to produce organic fertilizer not only can offer comprehensive nutrition for crops and long fetilizer effect can increase and update the soil organic matter promote microbial breeding,improve the rationalization of soil properties and biological activity .They are the main nutrients of  green food production.