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The introduction of the organic fertilizer production line

 Organic fertilizer equipment is a batch production of organic fertilizer equipment,organic fertilizer equipment covers from the collection of organic fertilizer raw materials to the use of organic fertilizer packaging sales,organic fertilizer production equipment,uch as the accumulation of organic fertilizer raw materials,raw material dehydration,cumulation,corrosion,fementation,raw material drying,granulation,packaging and so on.
organic fertilizer is mainly made from chicken and pig feces,with a certain amount of phosphate fertilizer,potassium fertilizer,magnesium sulfate,ferrous and other materials added,and rice bran,yeast and sugar fermentation for a certain time as biological bacteria,mixed fementation under the action of sulfuric acid.This organic compound fertilizer can be widely used in agricultural production,low application cost,no environmental pollution.Beneficial to soil improvement,the long-term use of chemical fertilizers caused y salt and alkali soil hardening.Suitable for wheat,rice,peanut,melon and other crops,improve the fish,cattle and pigs.