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Technology of dry extrusion double roller granulation of organic fertilizer

Dry process fertilizer granulation technology mainly refers to the products with low moisture content. Generally, the moisture content below 10% is a critical value. (there are also very few materials up to 16%, such as: some materials only contain crystal water) dry granulation produces irregular particles (such as common granular potassium fertilizer) or more commonly, small crushed stones with similar shapes.

The double roller granulator belongs to dry granulation without drying process, with high granulation density, good fertilizer efficiency and full organic matter content; the granulation of extrusion granulator is flat and round, which is suitable for compound fertilizer and compound fertilizer.
Technology of dry extrusion double roller granulation of organic fertilizer
Environmental protection dry powder extrusion double roller granulator is mainly composed of frame, head, reducer, motor and crusher. The fertilizer granulation machine has the characteristics of simple structure, high stability, easy operation and maintenance, and wide adaptability of raw materials. It can produce various high, medium and low concentration NPK compound fertilizer and organic-inorganic compound fertilizer granulation, which meets the requirements of national energy conservation and environmental protection, and is an ideal choice for the majority of fertilizer manufacturers to upgrade.

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