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Extrusion granulation producing compound fertilizer

Producing compound fertilizer using the extrusion granulation is a new method and now widely used.In a complete fertilizer production line ,producing compound fertilizer granulator using the extrusion granulation method.And the fertilizer machine is neccesary,the fertilizer granulator mahine system are designed,and the roller press granulator is used to produce compound fertilizer granulator using extrusion method.
Extrusion granulation is a dry granulation process in which a soild material is agglomerated by external pressure.The materials are close together under high pressure and cause molecular forces and electrostatic forces to bind the particles tightly.Etrusion granulation is affected by many factors,such as the nature of the material,such as hardness,density,wear,corrosion,moisture,humidity and so on.The extrusion granulation process generally does not require drying and cooling processes while saving investment and engery consumption.The operation is all carried out under dry conditions,no waste water discharges the environment,and the possibilitty of corrosion is small,and the equipment investment is slow.Extrusion can produce higher concentrations of fertilizer than general compoun fertilizers,and organic fertilizers or other nutrients can be added to raw materials as needed.Suitable production equipment is more suitable for the production of high quality fertilizer granules.The roller press granulator was designed to produce compound fertilizer by extrusion granulation.