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Ball shaping technology

The extrusion granulation and rounding process is mainly designed for the sludge of paper mills,the residues of furfural plants,the manure of farm and the sludge of municipal sewage treatment plants.These materials can be used to produce organic fertilizers and organic-inorganic compound fertilizers using a combination of flat die granulator and the ball shaping machine.
The technology of producing organic fertilizer and organic-inorganic compound fertilizer is simple and there are also have too many strengthes.Before producing,put the raw material into the fermentation pool and using the fermentation compost turner machine to make the raw material fermented fully.And then crushing the raw material in a fertilizer crusher machine.The choice of fertilizer machines you can choose the machine that suitable for your yield and the kind of fertilizer granulator.Then,using the mixer machine mix raw material and other materials which put into the raw material. Then put them into the fertilizer granulator machine to make the raw material into fertilizer granulator and making the ball shaping machine to make some adjustments.The fertilizer granulator which through the ball shaping machine.
The process of ball shaping is not to sharpen the edges and corners,but to re-plasticize the particles by their flexibility and plasticity.Therefore,fine powder is rarely produces,which can be effectively controlled by controlling the moisture,filler and viscosity during granulation.The size and strength of the particles can reach more than 90%.
Dry and screener.The granulated material is sent to rotary dryer throygh a belt conveyor for drying.The material of the dryer is cooled by a rotary cooler to further increase the strength of the granules and reduce the moisture,and then screening through the rotary screener machine to remove large particles and fine powder to obtain a finished product.