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Production of pellet fertilizer

The method is always used to produce the npk fertilizer granulator,and the pellet fertilizer method is the commonly used in producing the chemical fertilizer in a fertilizer production line.Diffferent producing method using the related fertilizer machines will be higher efficient and high quality fertilizer granulator.
The bagged or bulk base fertilizer should be crushed into as much as 20mm of material before entering the production system.They are separately delivered to their respective hoppers by one or more fighter hoists and the ingredients are weighed using a batching system.Then the material is put into the crusher by the belt conveyor for crushing,usually by a chain  crusher machine,after crushing to a certain degree of fineness,sent to the granulator by a bucket elevator,and the material is granulated by adding a small amount of water vapor.The wet material discharged from the granulator is sent to the rotary dryer by a belt conveyor,and the flue generated by the combustion furnace and the wet material enter the screening system by the conveyor system,and the granules that meet the requirements are filtered into the cooling system for packaging,and the unsatisfied particles are returned to the granulation system.