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Can compound fertilizer and lime to be used at the same time?

Using the fertilizer can increase the development of the farming industries.And producing the fertilizer using the fertilizer manufacturing technology to finish the fertilizer manufacturing process.But can compound fertilizer and lime to be used at the same time?How can we to use the compound fertilizer with the lime?
We are firt to know that the compound fertilizer cannot be mixed using with the lime.The details of the reason that we will state the reason as follows:
1.No plant ash can be added to animal fertilizer.Because the nitrogen rich in animal fertilizers is very afriad of alkaline substances,once met,it will cause ammonia loss.When ammonia is lost,the effect of nitrogen fertilizer will be greatly reduced.The fertilizer to be produced by using the organic fertilizer machine or inorganic fertilizer machine to produce the fertilizer.
2.There are quite a lot of nitrogen fertilizer in the compound fertilizer.The quicklime is alkaline and strongly alkaline,which is much more alkaline than the gass ash,and it will causr nitrogen fertilizer loss.
3.Lime will also kill the biological bacteria in the compound fertilizer,combine with the phosphate fertilizer,reduce the solubility of the phosphate fertilizer,so that the fertilizer effect of the compound fertilizer is almost lost.
fertilizer granulator machine
And there we introduce some information about the compound fertilizer and lime simplily:
What is compound fertilizer?
1.Compound fertilizer refers to the fertilizer containing two or more nutrient elements.Compound fertilizer has the advantages of high nutrient content,few by-components and good physical properties.It plays an important role in balancing fertilization,improving fertilizer utilization rate and promoting high and stable yield of crops.
2.But it also has some disadvantages,for example,its nutrient proportion is always fixed,and the variety,quantity and proportion of nutrient elements required by different soils and crops are diverse.
What is lime?
1.The process of lime (CAO) reacting with water to form calcium hydroxide is called the slaking or digestion of lime.The product of the reaction is called hydrated lime or hydrated lime.
2.A large amount of heat is released when the lime is cured,and the volume is increased by 1.5-2 times.The lime with good calcination and high calcium oxide content ripens faster,and its heat release volume increase more.There are two common methods of slaked lime on the construction site:slake stone mortar method and slaked lime powder method.
Different type fertilizer to be produced by using the fertilizer manufacturing technology and different type fertilizer has different characteristics when using,so when we use the fertilizer we should notice more about the fertilizer.And when using the fertilizer machine to produce the fertilizer or fertilizer granulator,we should choose the suitable fertilizer machine and we should be attention that the using of the  fertilizer granulator machine has different type and model,we should choose the suitable fertilizer machine.
More machine also to be designed and used in different type fertilizer production line to produce the fertilizer.
The video of the npk,compound fertilizer production line: