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What advantages of making organic fertilizer granular?

Bio organic fertilizer mainly comes from plants and animals.It is a carbon containing material applied to the soil to provide plant nutriention as its main function.After processing,it eliminates toxic and harmful substances,and it is rich in a large number of beneficial substances.Why is it better to make organic fertilizer into granulars than powder?
Producing the organic or bio organic fertilizer using the fertilizer manufacturing technology,which in a fertilizer manufacturing process,it is equipped with different type and series fertilizer machines to finish the fertilizer production process using different method.When producing the fertilizer into fertilizer granular,the fertilizer granulator machine is the main fertilizer machine to finish the production process.
fertilizer granulator machine
The reason that we produce the organic fertilizer granulator:
1.Some inorganic fertilizer mainly ingredients can be added to the fertilizer to improve the fertilizer efficiency.If inorganic fertilizer ingredients are added to the powder,it is easy to absorb  moisture and agglomerate.
2.It's more convenient to apply.Some organic fertilizers are light in proportion,which are easy to be scattered by wind when applied in the filed and easy to be used as granules.
3.In order to get powdery materials,they must have low water content and be crushed.The biggest limiting factor in the production of organic fertilizer is that the water can not be removed and it needs to be dried.It is not necessary to dry to make particles.In the process of granulation,using the fertilizer granulator machine to make fertilizer granulator,high heat is generated and only needs to be cooled,which is very convenient.
By the way,the fertilizer granulator machine to be designed for different type and series to be used in different fertilizer production line.For example,in the organic fertilizer production line,it is equipped with the disc granulator machine,or sometimes,it also can be equipped with the rotary drum granulator machine to finish the organic fertilizer granulator production process.

Besides the organic fertilizer can be made into granulator,the npk,compound fertilizer also can be made into granulator,we can use the ring die granulator machine or the roller press granulator machine to produce the npk,compound fertilizer granulator.Different type fertilizer granulator machine to be used for different producing method and produced different shape of the granular.We can choose the fertilizer granulator machine according to our needs when producing.