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Why we use organic fertilizer machine?

 Special machine for organic fertilizer includes fermentation dumper,chicken manure fertilizer granulator machine,semi-met material crusher machine,horizontal mixer machine,fertilizer cooler,roller screener machine,dryer machine and coating machine,packaging machine,belt conveyor machine and so on.When producing the fertilizer into granulator,the fertilizer granulator machine is the factor equipment to finish the granulating process.
With the continuous  improvement of the modernization level of agriculture,ecological agriculture has been attached great importance.Only ecological agriculture can produce ecological organic food and ensure the improvement of people's living standards.Ecological agriculture can produce ecological can not be separated  from the support of organic fertilizer.Now the wide application of organic fertilizer is the best explanation.Organic fertilizer gradually replaces chemical fertilizer,which is the necessary fertilizer for the he of agricultural crops.
The production of organic fertilizer has been greatly supported by the state.The production of organic fertilizer must go through the process of fermentation,crushing,mixing,granulation,drying,cooling and screening.Among them,the fermentation process and grinding process are particularnt to provide raw materials for high quality organic fertilizer.Only when the raw materials are good,the quality of the organic fertilizer can pass the test of users.These are related to the use of specifical equipment for organic fertilizer.The special equipment for organic fertilizer is a kind of equipment that takes chicken manure and pig manure as main raw materials,adds certain amount of potassium,nitrogen fertilizer,phosphorus fertilizer and other substances,ferments yeast,rice bran,soybean meal and sugar for a certain time as biological bacteria,and produces biological fertilizer by mixed fermentation under the action of sulfuric acid.
fertilizer granulator machine
The organic fertilizer machine processes the excrement of livestock into organic fertilizer,which not only deals with the current increaously problem of livestock pollution,but also has the advantages of developequirements of ecological agricutlutre,and it is also an important selection to promote the sustainable development of livestock breeding and ecological agriculture.
The equipment design of the organic fertilizer machine manufactures has truly completed the development of the agricultural cycle.
The agricultural organic waste is harmless treated by the bio organic fertilizer machine.The designing of the new organic fertilizer manufacturing process is more conducive to the harmless treatment.The organic fertilizer compost is mature and fermented.The use of the organic machine to process the organic fertilizer does not have to include include the polutry manure,chicken manure and pig manure,at the same time,put wheat straw and corn straw into chicken manure and pig manure,use organic fertilizer machine for harmless treatment,add microbial organic fertilizer to ferment bacterial agent to compost big feet,and produce microbial organic fertilizer by organic fertilizer granulator,which can be produced by using the disc granulator or the rotary drum granulator.Organic fertilizer machine is the most ideal harmless treatment method for agricultural wastes.
The specifical equipment for organic fertilizer has the advantages of low investment,simple operation and fully automatic production equipment.The development of agriculture can not be separated from the organic fertilizer machine and the support of organic fertilzer equipment manufactures.Organic fertilizer machine to deal with environmental pollution and use renewable resources to turn waste into treasure.The design scheme of organic fertilizer production line is graduad to combine the use of compost and chemical fertilizer.It is mainly compost,supplemented by chemical fertilizer,then gradualy reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer,add the amount of compost,and finally achieve the goal of using only compost without or as much as possible reducing the use of chemical fertilizer.The specifical  equipment for organic fertilizer completes the ral circular agriculture,green agriculture,sustainable agriculture,and promotes the ecology development. of agriculture.
The reason that we use the fertilizer machine to finish the fertilizer production process has so many,and every different series fertilizer machines has different type and model,we can use the different type and series to finish the fertilizer production process.Like the fertilizer granulator machine series has different type and they are suitable for different fertilizer production process.Like the rotary drum granulator machine to be used in the organic fertilizer production process,it also can be used in the npk fertilizer manufacturing process.More other type fertilizer machines can be used in different fertilizer production line.We can choose the suitable fertilizer machine to finish the fertilizer production process.