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The production process of the sludge organic fertilizer

 In last article we share the reason why we use the sludge to produce the organic fertilizer,and there in this article we will share the organic fertilizer manufacturing process using the sludge as the organic fertilizer raw materials.Before sharing how to produce the organic fertilizer granulator using the sludge as the raw materials,we are first to share the main organic fertilizer machine in this line what we need to use.
For producing the organic fertilizer granulator,we need to use the fermentation compost turner machine to ferment the raw materails and we also need to use the fertilizer mixer machine,fertilizer crusher machine and the fertilizer granulator machine.Besides it also needs the fertilizer screener machine and other batching system.
fertilizer granulator machine
Production process of sludge organic fertilizer:
1.Adjust raw material moisture:The sludge in the water treatment plant is generally high in water conten,about 75-80%.Generally,it has been anaerobic fermented,and the content of harmful bacteria is not high.When it is transported back to the fermentation plant,the raw materials with low water content shall be laid under the fermentation tank,and then the auxiliary materials for water absorption shall be laid on the top,so that the liquid organic fertilizer can be fully utilized,which can increase all kinds of nutrients in the raw materials and materials in fermentation.The water content of is 50%-55%.
Add water absorbing auxiliary materials to sludge,such as domestic garbage,crushed crop straw,branches,leaves and sludge fertilizer with low moisture content after backfilling fermentation:general sludge accounts for 60%-70%,domestic garbage and other water absorbing auxiliary materials account for about 30%-40%.
2.Add sludge starter:Adding a sludge starter to the sludge is usually added before fermentation,and the fermentation bacteria are uniformly mixed with the sludge through the function of tossing and stirring by the tossing machine.The addition amount of the composite fermentation bacteria is generally about 0.1%-03%.As long as the sludge fermentation agent is applied to the sludge.
3.Turning over fermentation:High temperature fermentation can effectively kill pathogenic microorganisms and ascaris eggs in the sludge,fix heavy metals in the microbial body,or become insoluble carbonate,and prevent heavy metals from entering the food chain.When the temperature reaches 65-70,the reactor can be turned over and cooled.If the temperature is too high during fermentation,the beneficial bacteria in the raw materials will be lolled when the content of the benefical bacteria in the finished product is not up to the standard,it can be fermented to 5-7days in summer,12-15 days in winter,and placed in the storage plant for stacking fermentation.The time is 3-5 days,and the granulation can be carried out when the content is 35-40%.
Generally,there are two kinds of fermentation methods:the ground stirp fermentation by the ground dumper.The sludge organic fertilizer production process introduced in this paper uses a tank type fermentation compost turner machine.
4.Material crushing;Because the fermented material contains small agglomerates,which is not conducive to the granulation of the finished product,the material can be crushed at this time,which can be carriede out by the organic fertilizer crusher.
The video of the organic fertilizer manufacturing process:

5.Material mixing:The crushed materials are transported to the batching system,and then to the main conveyor through automatic batching,and then to the mixer for mixing.
6.Material granulation:Small and medium-sized organic fertilizer plants generally use disc granulator to make the granulator,which can save investment cost,and the pelletizing rate is also high,which can reach more than 93%.There are three kinds of particles;large,medium and small.The angle of the granulating plate must be adjusted to a certain position.The angle depends on the size of the particles.The larger the angle is,the organic fertilizer granulation.The design of rotary drum granulator can be applied to the production of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer.After granulation,the particles need to be sent to the dryer machine for drying,and then put into the screening machine to separate the wualified organic fertilizer particles and the unqualified organic fertilizer particles.At the same time,the qualified ones will be sent to the automatic packaging machine,and the unqualified ones will be sent to the chain crusher for crushing,and the secondary granulation will be completed.
The application of bio organic fertilizer produced by sludge can improve the soil activity,effectively repair the soil hardening caused by the long-time use of inorganic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer,it is conducive to the absorption of crops and the balance of nutriention,and the beneficial flora can greatly promote the effective release of residual nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium and other nutrients in the soil,play a role in increasing the income and production of crops,and prevent a variety of soil disease and insect pests harm.
When producing the organic fertilizer granulator,the factor equipment is the fertilizer granulator machine,choosing the suitable fertilizer granulator machine to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.When choosing the suitable fertilizer granulator machine it will improving the producing efficient and save more investment.