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Livestock manure to be made into organic fertilizer

 The livestock manure can be used to make the organic fertilizer granulator.In the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,how to use the fertilizer equipment to produce the organic fertilizer granulator and how to finish the production using the equipped fertilizer machines.Using the traditional method of producing the organic fertilizer granulator is so complex that we may need to spend too much time to finsih this process.
1.Fertilizer manufacturing process:feed the manure and ingredients into the simple compost turner machine,so that the temperature of the mixture in the dumper will rise automatically,kill the eggs and harmful bacteria,and then provide appropriate air and water,create suitable conditions for high-temperature fermentation,and complete quickly fast fermentation,then through the fertilizer crusher machine to crush loose,finally into the stacking yard fermentation,and complete quickly fast fermentation,then through the separation and impurity removal,spraying bacterial liquid,into the fertilizer granulator machine for granulation and other processes can be made ino organic fertilizer.
The charactristics of the improved technology are as follows:
1.Using the equipment and technology to deal with the excrement of livestock,the management cost is low without seasonal restriction.
2.The manure of polutry and livestock is transformed into aerobic fermentation immediately after changed into organic fertilizer machine.
3.Make full use of resources,turn waste into treasure,produce organic fertilizer without stink,which is harmless treatment.
4.It only takes about 10 days for livestock manure to be treated to produce organic fertilizer.The production cycle of organic fertilizer is short.
5.Simple operation and convenient managment.

The equipmentcomposition:livestock manure treatment equipment can process livestock manure into organic fertilizer in a short period of time,so it is also called organic fertilizer machine.
1.Fertilizer granulator machine:After composting,the material needs to be granulated to have certain strength and shape before it can be used as organic fertilizer.Granulation process is the key process in the production of bio compound fertilizer,and the granulation quality is the key index of compound quality.The control of fertilizer particle size is also very important for good storage and transportation performance.With the improvement of fertilizer equipment,the increase of granulation makes the storage and transportation performance of fertilizer greatly improved,which makes it have the advantages of better flow performance and no storage agglomeration in particle products.In the early mixing operation,if the particle size is not considered,the materials will be mixed in the storage and transportation.The material is easy to separate,which has an impact on the blending performance.
The main pelletilizing methods of bio compound fertilizer are pelletilizing and extrusion.According to the different structure of the granulator,the pelletilizing method can be divided into disc granualtor and rotary drum granulator;according to the different position of the roller press,the extrusion method can be divided into roller press granulator pelletilizing,flat die pelletilizing and ring die extrusion pelletilizing.
Disc granualtion:the drum granulation depends on the temperature to increase the liquid content of the granulating material,so as to promote the granulation of the material under low water content,so as to provide convenience for drying and save engery.The rate of granulation is low and the amount of returned material is large.
Extrusion granulation.Extrusion is a volume compression process.The whole process heats up at noon without drying and is easy to work.The extruder granulator has the advantags of high granulate rate,high particle strength,basically no return material and unsmooth particle type.
Some pictures of the fertilizer equipment:
fertilizer granulator machinefermentation compost turner machine