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The production and equipment of sludge organic fertilizer(One)

 Producing the organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer using the fertilizer manufacturing technology is the most efficient method in nowdays.And all differentt types of  raw materials can be as the raw materials to be used in the organic fertilizer  manufacturing process.And there in this article,we share the production line and prodcess of the sludge organic fertilizer.
In order to ensoure that we all have clean domestic water,basically enery city has a sewage treatment plant.However,the domestic sludge poduced by the sewage treatment plant has always been a headache for the environmental protection department,because these sludge are rich in a large number of organic substances and pathogenns,eggs,weeds and heavy metal ions,which are easy to produce odor,mosquitoes and files,and pollute the environment.At present,landfill,sea filling and incinneration are mainly used.The existing treatment methods are easy to cause secondary environment pollution and waste a lot of organic fertilizer resources.After years of intensives research by our company,the domestic sludge can be transformed into bio organic fertilizer and organic fertilizer after mixrobical fermentation treatment,which is suitable for trees,flowers,lawns and used as the containeer seeding substrate of trees.It has good grown effect,and the physical,chemical and biological properties of the soil have been improved.Thus,the resource utilization of domestic sludge has been realized completely.
Domestic sludge is generated after the treatment of domestic sewage,which is produced by the toilets,kitchens and bathrooms of residents.Therefore,domestic sludge is nutrious.After fermentation,the content of organic matter in domestic sludge is generally more than 50%,the nutrient index of nitrogen,phospgorus and potassium is between 5% and 7%,and the content of heavy metails is very low,which conforms to the basic standard of organic fertilizer,so it can be used as fertilizer.
The video exmple of producing the organic fertilizer granulator:

So when we designing the organic fertilizer production line,what types organic fertilizer machine are used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator?
When producing the organic fertilizer granulator,.it is usually equipped with the fermentation compost turner machine to ferment the raw materials,which using the fermenting technology to ferment the raw materials and using the principle of the high temperature to kill the bacterials containing in the raw materials.And using the fertilizer crusher machine and fertilizer mixer machine to deal with the organic raw materials.And then put them into the organic fertilizer granulator machine to be made the raw materials into the organic fertilizer granulator.There different type fertilizer granulator machine are designed and used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.We can choose the new type organic fertilizer granulator,disc granulator or the rotary drum granulator machine to  produce the organic fertilizer granulator.These type organic fertilizer granulator machines are designed for not only cam just be suitable for producing the organic fertilizer granulator,sometimes it is also equipped in the compound fertilizer production line to produce the npk,compound fertilizer granulator.
The pictures of the fertilizer granulator machine:
fertilizer granulator machine