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Introduction of the chain crusher machine

 In a complete fertilizer production line,making the fertilizer granulator using the fertilizer manufacturing process can be divided into two or three parts--fermenting parts,crushing parts and granulating parts.When we just making the fertilizer powder,we just ferment the raw material and crush the raw material.The fertilizer crusher machine is a machine that it is used in the fertilizer production line to crush the raw material.
fertilizer crusher machine
Different type fertilizer crusher machines are designed by the fertilizer machine manufacturers,like the chain crusher,cage crusher,and hale wet material crusher and so on.There we are first to share more information with you about the chain crusher machine.The chain crusher  machine is a new designed fertilizer crusher machine whih the maachine adopts a new type of blade,chain and hammer three-in one organic fertilizer pulverizer.It is suitable for a wide range of raw materials.It is suitable for the production of many raw materials such as organic fertilizer,which is also always equipped in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,bio organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer.In the process of pulverization,the chain crusher adopts high-strength wear-resistant hard alloy chain with synchronous rotation speed to pulverize the material evenly,and it is not easy to stick to the raw materials with large water content,and the chain crusher is easy to clean.The chain crusher is suitable for pulverizing the material with a moisture content of about 20%-50%.

The mainly usage of the fertilizer crusher machine is to crush the raw material before ferment the raw material or granulating,after crushing the big raw material,it can make the raw material to be mixed more convenient and save more time.Using the fertilizer crusher machine to crush them into powder and mixing them with other additional material to make the granulator.The chain crusher machine not only can be used in the organic fertilizer production line,it also can be used in the npk fertilizer production.More different type fertilizer machines are desined by the fertilizer machine manfuacturers so that it can make the fertilizer granulator higher efficient and higher yield.