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Pelletilizing technology of mixing straw manure with flat die granulator organic fertilizer

 When producing the organic fertilizer or npk compound fertilizer,we are usually using the pelletilizing technology to make fertilizer granulator.When making fertilizer granulator,the fertilizer granulator machine is a good series fertilizer machine.Fertilizer granulator machine to be designed for different type.For example,the disc granulator,roller press granulator flat die granulator machine and so on.
In organic fertilizer manufacturing process,we can use the flat die granulator machine to make the organic fertilizer granulator.There we share more about the flat die granulator machine to make organic fertilizer granulator.
Material processing of pelletilizer for flat die organic fertilizer:The raw materials of the pelletilizer for flat organic fertilizer mainly include excrement(chicken,duck,pig,cow,sheep excrement,etc.)straw(wheat,rice,corn,etc.).The raw materials are crushed,fermented by using organic fertilizer machine in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,and then added with other nutrients for pelletilizing.
Raw material fermentation before pelletilizer production
Before pelletilizing of organic fertilizer,the raw materials must be fermented and decomposed.After the straw manure is mixed,it is piled up for fermentation,and the harmless treatment is completed.The material is fully exposed to oxygen for heating,deodorization,decomposition and maturity by using the dumper and fermentation bacteria agent,and the coordination of microorganisms is used to improve the fertilizer nutrients.Straw and manure materials are generally fermented after about 15 days.After fermentation,the screening machine is used to remove impurities.
flat die granulatororganic fertilizer production line
Granulation process of flat die organic fertilizer granulator
The screened raw materials are fed into the flat die granulator evenly,and the cylindrical particles are extruded under the extrusion of the die.The organic fertilizer particles after extrusion granulation have moderate hardness and neat shape.The particles enter into the throwing machine and rotate and rub with the inner wall of the throwing machine.The shape is smooth,the size is uniform and easy to use.The temperature flat die granulator is low in the process of processing, and it can better maintain the internal nutrients of raw materials. After particle forming, drying and cooling steps can be omitted, and finishing can be continued. After drying, cooling, screening, packaging and storage.The flat mold granulator is simple in operation and low in energy consumption. The pelletizing production line of flat mold organic fertilizer integrates fermentation and processing, with mature technology and high value of commercial organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer products not only provide comprehensive nutrition for crops, but also have long fertilizer effect, which can increase soil organic matter and promote microbial reproduction
Besides the flat die granulator machine usually to be equipped in organic fertilizer manufacturing process,the rotary drum granulator machine can also to be equipped in organic fertilizer manufacturing process.