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Application of bio organic fertilizer in organic crop planting

 Bio organic fertilizer is a kind of organic fertilizer containing a certain amount of functional microorganisms,which is made of livestock manure,crop straw,agricultural and sideline products and organic waste produced by food processing as raw materials,with multifunctional fermentation bacteria agent.Producing the bio organic fertilizer by using the organic fertilizer machine which to be equipped in bio organic fertilizer production line.
Bioorganic fertilizer it conforms to the principle of fertilizer for production safety and pollution-free green agricultural products,and is a very promising fertilizer variety.When applying bio organic fertilizer to vegetables,the best application effect can be achieved by mastering the correct method.
Firstly,bio organic fertilizer should not be applied too deep into the soil layer.Because bio organic fertilizer depends on its active bacteria,its activity can only be realize under certain conditions of temperature,humidity,permeability and organic matter,so too deep application will effect the activity of bio bacteria.Bio organic fertilizer should be applied 10-15cm below the surface.
Secondly,the proportion of bio organic fertilizer and other kinds of fertilizer including manure(raw chicken manure etc.)should be reasonable.The principle of applying fertilizer to vegetables is that biological fertiizer should be of high quality,organic fertilizer should be mature,and chemical fertilizer should have all elements.In the specific application pay attention to the salt content of raw chicken manure,and the ratio of N,P,k compound fertilizer is various.According to the types of vegetables and soil conditions,we should be first calculate,then mix and then apply.
fertilizer manufacturing process
Making the bio organic fertilizer into granulator we can use the fertilizer granulator machine,which this machine is the factor machine to make the organic or inorganic fertilizer granulator.The series fertilizer granulator machine to be designed for different type,like the rotary drum granulator,disc granulator and so on.In the bio organic fertiizer production line,we can use the rotary drum granulator machine to make the bio organic fertilizer granulator.
In addition,the effect of applying bio organic fertilizer in hole and ditch is better,especially in the production of greenhouse vegetables,continuous croping is inevitable.Even if some bio organic fertilizer and micro fertilizer are applied,due to the influence of temperature,humidity,air permeability,organic matter and other conditions,coupled with the weak root of seedings,it is difficult for benefical microorganisms to play a role quickly.If bio organic fertilizer is applied in the hole and ditch,on the one hand,it can quickly promote the living soil,improve the permeability of soil,and promote the rapid growth and development of root system;on the other hand,it can alleviate the cause.The organic fertilizer is not mature enough and the fertilizer is not decomposed to form the nutrient vacancy.It can supply the root nutrient in time,provide a good growth environment for the root system and promote the development of the root system.
In different type fertilizer manufacturing process using different type and series fertilizer machine to make bioorganic fertilizer improve the working efficient and save the time of producing fertilizer.